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The Cool Guard Plus-M910 Series

Your Peace of Mind

Protect your department’s investment of your canine partner or animal control unit with our in-vehicle Coolguard Plus (or CGP). Our Coolguard Plus gives you peace of mind and will self-activate to rapidly cool your canine when dangerous inside vehicle temperatures are detected. The lethal temperature for an average size Law Enforcement K-9 is 103 to 107 degrees for approximately 5 minutes

The Coolguard Plus comes complete with 2 control modules, display monitor, 2 temperature sensors, 2 temperature selections at the touch of your hand to toggle between 87 and 93 degrees Fahrenheit (can also be easily programmed to adjust), a cool temperature setting for temperatures colder than 30 degrees Fahrenheit , automatic dual window drop, high speed fan, fan guard and wiring harness, digital display for reading the vehicle temperature, a unique horn alarm pattern, heat index and humidity display, self-diagnosing alerts with logs, an equipment test, drive disable to not have the alarm go off while driving, alarm lights active- 2 outputs for flashing any lights connected onto the vehicle (flashing lights not included), low battery page function, and the Paw Protect to remind the handler to not forget the K9 before leaving the vehicle. Installation instructions and free technical support are included. Full 1 year warranty against any defects.

The Coolguard Plus is also offered with the Rescue function as well! This is the heat alarm and the door pop functions all-in-one, and from one display. Not all units have the Rescue function, please specify upon request.

Sold separately as an additional option for our Coolguard Plus, the Pager ensures that should you be outside of hearing range for the horn alarm, you will be notified via page that your Coolguard Plus system has been activated, your battery is low and the vehicle should be started.

Cool Guard M910

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