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Shelving System


American Aluminum Accessories Introduces the EZ K9 Platform with 1/3 Storage

The 1/3 storage portion of the unit was designed for trucks and suvs to assist handlers in their ever growing need for secure storage.


  • The shelving unit utilizes all the safety features of our fully welded front panels with vertical bars.
  • The shelving is a modular design to allow for addition or removal with minimal parts needed to return the unit back to a full platform. (Canopy and poly filler wings)
  • Three tiers of shelving
  • Each shelf comes standard with raised front perforated edges to allow secure tie down locations.
  • All shelves are built from .125 Mill Finish aluminum for added strength.
  • Available with a Cam locking Vault drawer (18”X18”X6”) for an added level of secure storage. (Optional)
  • Vehicles available- Ford F250/350  2015-2020, Dodge Crew cab 2019 – 2020,   Ford Explorer 2020, Chevy Tahoe 2015-2020

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