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We will be closed for two weeks from December 23, 2019 through January 3, 2010 due to the holidays. We will be back to assist you with all of your needs on Monday, January 6, 2020.

Please note that all queries and orders posted during the office closure period will be processed immediately once we are back in the office. Please accept our apology for the inconvenience this may cause. We are thankful for your understanding.

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E/Z Coolguard Pager

Be Notified

Sold separately as an additional option for our E/Z Coolguard, the Pager ensures that should you be outside of hearing range for the horn alarm, you will be notified via page that your Coolguard system has been activated. Installation instructions and free technical support are included. Full 1 year warranty against any defects.

Pager range is ½ mile in perfect conditions (by perfect conditions we mean not next to an airport or train terminal or anything transmitting a very strong output signal)

EZ Pager

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