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E/Z Rider 1/3 Prisoner, 2/3rds K9 Unit

1/3 Prisoner 2/3 K-9

Safe and Convenient

A safe, convenient solution for dual K-9/Prisoner transport needs. Our E/Z Rider 1/3rd  Prisoner, 2/3rd  K9 Unit is designed to carry a prisoner in a confined space for a short period of time, with the Officer and the K-9 Officer’s protection and safety foremost in mind. The K-9 portion has all the design and safety features of our platform units. The Prisoner portion either utilizes the existing vehicles rear jump seat or an aluminum prisoner seat is built complete with AMSAFE lap-style seat belt restraints for security and protection of occupant. An aluminum rectangular panel with clear Polycarbonate window for visibility separates the occupant from the canine. All 1/3rd , 2/3rd  units include window guards and door panels.

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