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E/Z Rider Universal Utility Slide-In


Lots of Features For A Sport Utility Vehicle

The E/Z Rider Universal Utility Slide-In aka “UUV” is a universal canine transport solution for those wishing to utilize the cargo area of their SUV, while allowing for the middle seat area to remain free and in an upright position. Hinged front door with folding T-handle lock and emergency escape rear drop down window. Comes fully assembled and can also be used for off-duty, in-house containment. Features include a removable base for easy cleaning. Available in Full Size (for larger SUV’s) and Down Size models (for smaller SUV’s) and 2-compartment units.

Down Size UUV 38″W x 33″D x 29″H Explorer/Interceptor/Durango
Full Size UUV 46″W x 36″D x 31″H Expedition/Suburban/Tahoe
Two Compartment UUV 46″W x 36″D x 31″H With Divider/Two Doors
Civilian Explorer 33″W x 33″D x 29″H For Civilian Explorer Only

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